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Got some nice quotes from ejazznews, and potholesinmyblog:

From Ed Blanco at ejazznews:

“A friendly jazz outing with a decidedly modern jazz flair, the gifted guitarist-composer seamlessly blends elements of classical and contemporary influences in a largely mid-tempo project of light and accessible jazz. ”

“Wise—who performs with the Gibson 335 guitar—is clear and crisp in his playing, picking gorgeous riffs with effortless ease.”

“Clearly a rhythm-based sound with a modern mainstream foundation, the Jacob Wise Trio ventures out for their first recording endeavor striking a sophisticated chord with challenging charts and first-rate musicianship. Guitarist Jacob Wise dose a find job with this impressive debut, crafting a firm musical foundation upon which to build a future, a truly wise decision.”

From Zach Cole, at potholesinmyblog:

“I may never cease to be amazed by the musical talent that emerges from Austin, Texas. One of my favorite emerging jazz guitarists, Jacob Wise, comes from the land of SXSW. His debut CD, Jacob Wise Trio, is now available via CD Baby. In order to help bring some attention to his debut, the single “Oceans” has been released for free for your listening pleasure. This is quite the gem, and one of the best cuts on the album as Wise flexes his guitar muscle over some barely-there drums. The outcome is a downtempo foray into contemporary jazz.”

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