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YouTube Channel

I’ve updated my YouTube channel with some new videos – some solo guitar performances, playing a tune in several keys, as well as some trio performances from the last year or so. Take a look at Enjoy!

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Back in Austin

I’m glad to be back in Austin after 5 months at sea – looking forward to booking some gigs and playing with old friends! I’ll be here until November 15th, then it’s off to Australia and New Zealand.

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Lessons page updated

I’ve updated my lessons page – I’ve compiled a bunch of practice material for single note improvisation, vocabulary, and technique, as well as voicings, and etudes on standard progressions. Check them out and let me know what you think.


New lessons – turnarounds and Coltrane changes

I’ve uploaded some new PDFs on the “Lessons” page – lots of materials for I VI ii V turnarounds and Coltrane changes – “Giant Steps” and “Countdown”. Take a look and or download for free.

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New lessons posted

I’ve posted several new lessons – a collection of jazz lines and phrases, a collection of common chord progressions / cadences, and a Larry Koonse solo. They are all available on the “Lessons” page. Enjoy!

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new lessons posted

I’ve posted several new lessons – a collection of jazz etudes, a guitar method, a collection of 4 note patterns, as well as a transcription of a Vic Juris solo. They’re all in PDF format, and are available for download [...]


Audio from Swan Dive 6/07/11

Here are some tunes from our gig on June 7. Andy Beaudoin- drums Aaron Allen -  bass Ocean 6711(1) Monk’s Mood 60711(2) Untold 6711 I Fall In Love Too Easily 6711


KUT Live Set – recording posted

Here’s a link to KUT 90.5 FM’s webpage. You can listen to a recording of 3 songs from our performance on June 7, 2011.

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Cruise Ship

I’m heading to Europe on June 15 – I’ll be a house guitarist on the Emerald Princess, a cruise ship in the Baltic Sea. Ports of call include Copenhagen, Olso, and St. Petersburg. I’m not sure what the musical situation [...]

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Review at Vintage Guitar Magazine

My CD received a brief review in the May 2001 issue of Vintage Guitar Magazine. It reads: “Traditional jazz from a young trio, with guitar playing that makes you realize the future is in good hands. Compositions by Wise are [...]

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